It’s Fossil Fish Season!

It’s Fossil Fish Season!

Each year in September we mine fossil fish near Kemmerer, Wyoming and this year was no exception. We were able to bring back 5 bins of fish fossils and now I’m slowly doing the preparation work so they are ready to go on the market and find new homes. As you can see in the photo of them drying many of them are still covered in some way in the lake bottom sediment that they are found in. After they are dry enough I then carefully uncover them and stabilize them to be enjoyed. Some are the skeletons of 52 million year old fish and others are preserved so well the skin and scales are still intact giving us a glimpse into their world so long ago. Some fish are even disarticulated meaning that they started decompose before fossilization and they present like a blown up fish!

Check back as I add more to the store and get them ready for the shows we are at as well if you see un in person. And for some large exceptional fish that I’m working on later in the year.

From The Rock Pile…Phil

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