Cedar Plank and Septarian Slab Charcuterie Board


This is a charcuterie board I designed so that the stone can be removed and displayed between uses and then chilled in the refrigerator prior to use. When the board is ready to serve then the stone with items needing to be cold is placed into its pocket keeping those items cold during your party.

This board is made from cedar milled from storm damaged trees on our property and the stone is a large beautiful polished slab of a septarian nodule from Utah and it is UV reactive with a long wave light. If placed in a light source from behind this will also show a stained glass look with the light shining through the calcite crystals in the center.
shipping and packaging is included in the price

* Note it is recommended that the stone be washed carefully by hand not placed in a dishwasher and it’s not recommended it be put in the freezer or oven. 
the board has been piled with a food grade cutting board oil and a light coat of similar oil may be needed periodically with use.