Large Montana Agate Art Slab


This is a very large and thick slab of a the famous Montana Agate with a large banded area and some host rock at the bottom, it even has the trademark dendrite they are known for. It was a broken piece that I have shaped and smoothed and polished on the front with rounded edges. The back I ground down so light would easily pass through giving it the unique view when backlit. 
this piece would fit into a large slab or photo stand to display as a feature in your home. It weighs a whopping 6.6 pounds and is approximately 10” x 9” and nearly 1” thick.

shipping and packaging is included in the price 

A dendrite is a manganese or iron inclusion that were trapped inside the agate as it was formed. These are sought after especially in jewelry. Many dendrites resemble tree branches or bolts of lightning but in this one it resembles a bug with wings!