Polka Dot Agate art piece


This large piece of Polka Dot Agate I have shaped and polished into a one of a kind art piece that stands on a flat base due to the hardness of this stone this takes many hours. Polished on three sides the back is still natural to show how this beautiful and unique agate looks before it is worked. Polka Dot Agate is only mined at the Polka Dot Agate Mine north of Madras, Oregon in a canyon near the small community of Ashwood. This agate was highly prized by Native Americans to make high quality edged tools and weapons due to its hardness and ability to be knapped. Now it is highly prized to make all kinds of items from jewelry to art with its trademark brown dots sometimes surrounded with hematite in various sizes along with the brown, tan, red, blue and sometimes purple.

This piece weighs a whopping 5.5 lbs and is approximately 8” tall, 5” wide and 3” deep. Shipping and packaging is included in the price