Rare Youngite Slab Polished on Both Sides, Framed


This rare and beautiful Youngite slab is polished on both sides and comes with a floating frame to allow this specimen to be enjoyed from both sides making this an outstanding and high quality. display piece.

Youngite is rare coming from a cave in one location in Wyoming and is no longer available to mine. It is also a fluorescent mineral especially the chalcedony that normally covers the outside and pockets of the interior and has fine druzy crystals. Is is surrounding the the brachiated jasper core that in this piece is filled fairly solid and goes from a tan color to light pink.

The UV photo is with longwave UV light.
Note the floating frame and and Youngite will be packaged separately inside their shipping box and after unpacking just open the frame and place the Youngite inside, close the frame and add the base to display.

note the photos are from one of three nearly identical slabs from the same piece of Youngite, the piece you receive may look very slightly different than the photo.