Turkish Agate Slab


This is a large slab of unique and beautiful agate from North Ankara, Turkey. I cut these thick at 3/8” thick so they are more durable than thin ones and easier to display. I have polished this on both sides and light does shine through it to show even more patterns if placed in a stand that lets backlight shine through.

this is filled with a variety of agate formations including stick agate (pseudomorph), flower agate, banded agate and a solid crystal core in two separate chambers. The closer you look at this one the better it looks!  It weighs a whopping 1.2 lbs and is nearly 6” long and is 3” wide.
Shipping and packaging is included in the price 

A Pseudomorph agate (stick or needle agate) is a formation that occurs after agate fills the cavity that already contains a previous formation and are often made up of a different mineral makeup.